Lewis&ART is a bespoke art & design studio/workshop based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Project work: Soft furnishing/clothing accessories & hand-drawn illustration artwork.

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Design inspiration is drawn largely from the New Zealand environment, in particular our High Country; unmistakably beautiful, raw and magnificent!

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L E W I S  &  A R T H U R

In memory of Lewis and Arthur, hardworking men with great strength of character and hearts of gold.


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I am blessed with a rich heritage of creative people;

engineers, makers and musicians.

This apple didn't fall far from the tree, and I am grateful for parents who suffered a sun-room regularly trashed by three kids for the sake of our games and art projects. They even turned a blind eye to me cartooning on the bedroom wall.

Unsurprisingly I pursued a career in architecture as a draughts-person, and this cemented my love of good design and detailing.

‚ÄčThese days, I delight to make beautiful things for people.

The materials I most love to work with are leather, re-purposed if possible, and anything luxuriously vintage.

The South Island is where I was born and raised, and its raw and magnificent High Country remains at the heart of what I design and make.